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How to increase the friction of polyurethane coated rollers

2020-07-25 09:04:19

How to increase the friction of polyurethane coated rollers?

Rubber coated roller

As an emerging industrial wheel, polyurethane load-bearing wheels have become an important choice for mechanical design wheels. In the course of use, due to different equipment and operating environments, friction problems, the friction between the wheel and the touch surface is getting more and more attention. Next, the editor will briefly introduce to us the method of increasing the friction of the polyurethane load-bearing wheel.

1. Reduce the hardness of polyurethane elastomer of polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane has a wide range of hardness. If you want to increase the friction of the wheel, you can choose a polyurethane composite material with a lower hardness requirement for encapsulation when the load-bearing capacity is satisfied. The deformation of the low-hardness wheel becomes larger after being pressed, and the touch building area of the wheel with the touch surface becomes larger and the friction force of the wheel becomes larger accordingly.

2. Knurling or hairy treatment on polyurethane wheels

Adding the surface roughness of the wheel can make the wheel have outstanding friction and will not slip during use. At present, there are many ways to make patterns or hair on the surface of wheels.

3. The width of the wheel is added, so that the touch area directly with the touch surface becomes larger.

After the wheel width is added, the touch area between the wheel itself and the touch surface increases continuously when the wheel is used, and the friction force increases accordingly.

4. Directly add the straight load of the wheels (equipment pressurization).

By continuously increasing the direct load of the equipment, the straight load received by the wheel is increased, thereby increasing the deformation of the wheel and increasing the friction.

5. Use polyurethane raw materials with higher adhesion between molecules and the touch surface to make finished wheels.

As a synthetic material, polyurethane has very different physical and chemical properties, and the adhesion (stress) between different materials and the touch surface is also different. The selection of suitable polyurethane materials can also increase the friction of the polyurethane load-bearing wheels.

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