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Nylon coated cam follower

2021-04-20 16:40:18
Nylon coated cam follower

Product name: nylon coated cam follower

The cam bearing follower includes a bolt as a shaft, a roller, and a roller between the end of the bolt and the roller.

This type of bearing is suitable for low-to-medium speeds and heavy loads. In terms of its functions, it has many uses, such as guide rollers, valve stem rollers, sliding cam rollers and pressure rollers, etc. It is mainly suitable for a variety of machinery, such as automatic machinery, special machinery, cam working devices, and various handling Tool changer for systems, conveyors and machining centers.



When the accuracy of the shaft and the bearing seat is not good, the bearing is affected by it and cannot exert its proper performance. For example, if the accuracy of the installation part with the bearing is not good, it will cause the inner and outer rings to tilt relatively. At this time, in addition to the bearing load, an additional edge stress concentration load (Edge Load) will be added, which will shorten the fatigue life of the bearing, and even more serious will cause damage to the cage, seizure and other damage. Cam follower

No grease replenishment hole

Use environment temperature below 80℃

Please use the following special installation tools for installation and removal

Bearing heater:

The correct installation of the bearing heater can ensure the bearing has a long life.

If it is properly installed and maintained, rolling bearings are reliable mechanical components with a long service life.

After the induction heater is used for heating, the bearing expands outward in the cylindrical direction, which can avoid damage during installation. Induction heater is a very scientific heating method. It does not require preheating. It can be heated to 110°C within seconds or minutes according to the weight of the bearing, without damaging the pre-lubrication.

Bearing puller:

Bearing puller When the installation state of the bearing is in the following situations, the special puller can be used to remove it.

(a) Shaft shape: cylindrical shaft bearing inner ring inner diameter shape: cylindrical hole.

(b) Shaft shape: Cylindrical shaft, inner diameter shape of bearing inner ring using tight bushing: dimension hole.

(c) Shaft shape: dimension-shaped shaft, inner diameter shape of bearing inner ring: dimension hole. In either state, the lock nut of the shaft (or the lock nut of the tightening bushing) must be loosened when disassembling, and the lock nut must be placed in a loose state.

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