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Polyurethane shock-absorbing material, plastic bearing
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Polyurethane cushion

2021-04-20 16:58:08
Polyurethane cushion

Product name: Polyurethane cushion


Feature 1: Compared with rubber, polyurethane has a wider choice of hardness, is softer and more elastic, and can fit on the surface of a curved workpiece.

Feature 2: Polyurethane has excellent mechanical strength and is often used as a mechanical stop.

Feature 3: Vibration and sound are not easily transmitted.

Feature 4: Polyurethane has low dust-generating properties, and because it does not contain carbon, it is a material that is not prone to color transfer. Engineering Bearing

Polyurethane cushion


①About the discoloration of polyurethane

Polyurethane will darken its color by absorbing ultraviolet rays or illuminating light. This phenomenon is called yellowing. But it does not affect its physical properties, please fully understand when using it.

②Polyurethane hydrolysis characteristics

If polyurethane is used for a long time in a humid or humid environment, it will be hydrolyzed and deteriorated.

It is recommended to manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse and use environment in areas with high humidity to extend the service life of the product.

③The state change of the product after hydrolysis

·Polyurethane surface becomes sticky

·Tap on your nails will leave irreversible scars

·Polyurethane hardness decreased

·Polyurethane is dry and cracked, easily disintegrated into powder

④Polyurethane size change

The size of polyurethane will change with the surrounding temperature, but the amount of change is not large, and it can be restored to its original size after a few hours at room temperature.


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