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Small positioning pin

2021-04-20 09:39:13
Small positioning pin

Product name: Small positioning pin

Locating pins, parts involved in restricting the degree of freedom of objects, have certain applications in some mechanical motion equipment, mainly used for position determination in two-dimensional space

Locating pin, using the workpiece hole as the positioning reference, is involved in the part that restricts the degree of freedom of the object, and controls the linear movement of the object in the three axial directions of X, Y, and Z, and six free movements around the rotational movement of X, Y and Z degree. In a mold composed of two or more parts, a pin designed to accurately position two adjacent parts of the mold.

When the machine body is formed by connecting multiple parts, and each part needs to maintain a precise position during processing and assembly, positioning pins should be used for positioning. For example, the split box body is composed of a machine cover and a machine base, and the processing of the bearing holes on it has higher precision requirements. Therefore, in the design, two positioning pins far apart should be set on the split surface to ensure Its processing and assembly accuracy. Insulated positioning pin

Small positioning pin

Reasonable structure of positioning pin

In order to maintain the accuracy of the relative position between the two parts after the certificate is installed, cylindrical pins or tapered pins are often used for positioning, so the pins and pin holes are required to be higher. For the convenience of processing pin holes and pins, if possible, make the pin holes as through holes as much as possible.

Small positioning pin

According to its structure, it can be divided into: small positioning pin, fixed positioning pin, replaceable positioning pin and positioning plug.

Small positioning pin

Standard: GB 2202-80

Material: T8 according to GB 1298-86 "Technical Conditions of Carbon Tool Steel".

Heat treatment: HRC55~60.

Other technical conditions: According to GB 2259—80 "Technical Conditions for Parts and Components of Machine Tool Fixtures"

Small positioning pin

Fixed positioning pin

Standard: GB 2203—80

Material: D≦18mm T8 according to GB 1298-86 "Technical Conditions of Carbon Tool Steel";

D≧18mm 20 According to GB 699-88 "Quality Carbon Structural Steel Steel Grade and General Technical Conditions".

Heat treatment: T8 HRC55~60; 20 carburizing depth 0.8~1.2mm, HRC55~60.

Other technical conditions: According to GB   2259-80 "Technical Conditions for Parts and Components of Machine Tool Fixtures".

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