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How to apply polyurethane coated bearings

2019-05-22 11:40:18

How to apply polyurethane coated bearings?

In recent years, with the continuous development of industry and the increasingly sophisticated automated logistics and transportation, bearings have become more and more widely used by society. Because of the structural elements of bearings, the friction force when transporting special items is small, and noise is easily generated. Some valuables are also simple. Hazard, then the rubber-coated bearing solves the problem here.

Rubber coated bearings

Rubber-coated bearings are mainly used in some precision instrument industries, transmission equipment, door and window furniture hardware pulleys, etc. At present, there are two types of rubber-coated bearings, one with hard rubber outsourcing, and the other with soft rubber outsourcing. Hard rubber is a layer of plastic on the outside of the bearing, mostly engineering plastic nylon, polyoxymethylene, ABS and so on. After encapsulation, the outside is flat, with U-shaped grooves, V-shaped grooves, or spherical surfaces. Soft rubber Polyurethane PU is more. Wear-resistant polyurethane encapsulation

  Polyurethane coated bearings refers to the use of molds for the production and processing of rubber-coated bearings and the production and processing of rubber-coated bearings. Nowadays, when processing rubber-coated bearing molds on the market, the molds often only process a few bearings and inject rubber, which simply constitutes the production of rubber-coated bearings. The amount of labor required for the production of rubber-coated bearings is large, the production power is low, and the production cost is high. At the same time, it cannot fully meet the market demand. The mold and the glue injection device have the same direction and are not easy to adjust. This simply constitutes the uneven amount of rubber covering the bearing, and the commonality of the products is poor. For this reason, Shenzhen Minghao dealt with the above by changing the mold structure. problem.

Shenzhen Minghao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that focuses on the field of FA automation products and accessories, integrating R&D, production and sales, and provides customers with a one-stop procurement platform for FA products. Minghao insists on With the business philosophy of "quality first, integrity first, fast delivery, and comprehensive service", the company combines its own more than ten years of production technology accumulation and rich experience in the FA automation field, through resource integration, to provide customers with high quality, low prices, Fast delivery of FA factory standardized parts, mainly based on FA encapsulated series, such as rubber-coated bearings, rubber-coated rollers, coated magnets, rubber-coated bolts, shock-absorbing pressure blocks, washers, coated cam followers, tools Plastic bearings. The guide wheels, etc., are made of nitrile rubber, natural rubber, fluorine rubber, neoprene, silicone, polyurethane, resin, plastic, nylon, sponge, and foam. Its performance is whether it is sticky, high dust, anti-static, wear-resistant, Mainly heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and oil-resistant. In addition, the factory has hundreds of CNC equipment imported from Germany, high-speed and high-precision CNC, and other high-precision processing equipment. One-stop production of precision parts, such as linear bearings, guide shafts, seated bearings, linear guides, timing belt wheels, springs, screws, oil-free bushings, casters, bolt bearings, joint bearings, precision metal materials, buffers, Pneumatic components, racks and pinions, sprocket chains, positioning pins, parts, etc., are also processed with drawings to meet the differentiated needs of customers. Willing to cooperate sincerely with colleagues from all walks of life to create brilliant!

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