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Quality construction standards for polyurethane gaskets

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The quality standard of polyurethane gaskets. To ensure that the technical performance of the waterproof coating and non-woven fabric of the project must meet the planning requirements and relevant standards. The product needs to have a factory certificate, a waterproof data quality certificate and on-site sampling test. Do not use waterproof or substandard materials.

Polyurethane gasket

The details of polyurethane must meet operating standards. Fundamental items: The bottom layer of the polyurethane film water barrier needs to be strong, clean and lubricated, and the male and female angles need to be round or obtuse. Brushing method, polyurethane primer overlap, end, polyurethane coating additional layer meet the requirements, strong bonding, hollowing and other shortcomings.

    The polyurethane film water barrier layer is evenly painted, and the maintenance layer and the water barrier layer are bonded firmly, without the defects of damage and uneven thickness. Protective measures must be taken in time for polyurethane waterproof coatings. Before the maintenance floor is finished, it is forbidden to wear spiked shoes in and out of the room to avoid damage to the water barrier. Water barriers around ground drain pipes, sanitary ware, etc. shall not be damaged.

    The drain must be kept unobstructed. During the operation, avoid debris falling into the water. After testing the water, wash the water carefully. When working on the polyurethane membrane water barrier, do not move around, so as not to damage the water barrier. When working on the polyurethane membrane water barrier, care should be taken to maintain the door and other parts to avoid product contamination.

    Hollowing: Hollowing of the water barrier generally occurs between the leveling layer and the water barrier of the coil and the joint. The reason is that the substrate has too much water content, which makes the film hollow and forms bubbles. Be careful to control and operate the water content. Leakage: Leakage of the water barrier mainly occurs at the roots of pipes, floor drains, sanitary ware, and the yin and yang corners of the ground. The reason is that the pipe root and the floor drain are loose, or the water barrier is partially damaged, and the overlap length is not enough. It is necessary to carefully inspect and repair the coating water barrier before operation.

    The problems encountered in the operation of polyurethane need to be dealt with as follows: When the viscosity of the paint is too high, a small amount of xylene can be used to dilute the paint. When it is found that the coating is cured too fast, a small amount of phosphoric acid and other retarders can be added, and the amount of participation does not need to be greater than 0.5% of the data.

    When it is found that the curing time of the coating is too slow and does not affect the operation, a small amount of dibutyltin dilaurate can be added as an accelerator. When the amount of the second coat of paint is not more than 0.4% of the second coat of paint, the quality of the second coat of paint will not be affected. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the paint after mixing. Polyurethane is often useful for us right and wrong, so we must use it well.

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