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Where are polyurethane coated magnets widely used?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Where are polyurethane coated magnets widely used?

Coated magnet

Polyurethane is a kind of polymer material, which is widely used in daily life, such as furniture paint coating, home appliance refrigerator cold storage, roof waterproof insulation layer in the construction industry, and interior and exterior wall coatings. It can also be used to manufacture polyurethane materials such as polyurethane soles, polyurethane fibers, and polyurethane seals.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are made of two layers of high-quality color-coated steel plates or other precision-restricted metal plates as surface materials. After roll forming, flame-retardant polyurethane foam is injected in the middle. Under special process conditions such as high pressure foaming and curing, The strong adhesion and function of the board are a beautiful, flat, hard and tough building board. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, waterproof and sound insulation, and brings high-quality appearance to the building. It is a forward-looking ideal building board for energy conservation, heat preservation, environmental protection, and artistic construction in the world. Polyurethane wall energy-saving panels are generally used for building exterior roof panels. The board has good thermal insulation, the polyurethane wallboard has good thermal insulation and sound insulation, and the polyurethane does not support combustion, which is in line with fire safety. Under the combined action of the upper and lower plates and polyurethane, it has high strength and rigidity, the lower plate is lubricated and flat, the lines are clear, and the interior is beautiful and flat. It is a new construction material with convenient installation, short construction period and beautiful appearance.

 Countless pieces of polyurethane energy-saving panels are suitable for industrial and commercial construction with a roof inclination of 3%. The self-cleaning high-grade panel reduces the amount of dust on the roof, maintains the crystallization of the roof built by the polyurethane roof panel, and improves the load-bearing ability of the peak roof panel. They have the characteristics of large span, fast drainage and convenient installation. The lap joints are designed with fluid power to ensure fast installation, good air tightness and good capillary anti-seepage effect. Polyurethane rigid foam edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel is now internationally recognized as a good fire-proof and thermal insulation panel for building envelopes. Low thermal conductivity, good load resistance, PU edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel, high flexural strength, no water absorption, no decay, no insects, good flame retardancy, and a wide range of temperature resistance. Using the physical properties of polyurethane and the common formula, the polyurethane foaming agent is evenly sprayed on the color-coated steel plates, and foamed between the color-coated steel plates to form a three-layer polyurethane color steel composite sandwich panel. This new type of lightweight construction material is a perfect combination of color-coated steel plate and polyurethane, and is the development direction of lightweight construction materials. Polyurethane double-sided rock wool sandwich panel fully exerts the common functions of rock wool core material. It plays a significant role in fire prevention, heat preservation, sound absorption, and sound insulation, while retaining the plasticity, tightness, high strength, and non-absorption of polyurethane. The emergence of this kind of material is a revolutionary change in construction engineering. It fully blends the strengths of polyurethane and rock wool and abandons the shortcomings of traditional panels.

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