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Application advantages of rubber-coated rollers on shuttle cars

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Concave and convex roller rubber coating, rubber coating roller bearing, roller coating material

Rubber coated roller

Polyurethane load-bearing wheels are materials between general rubber and plastic. This is a relatively wear-resistant elastomer and is non-toxic to the human body. It does not require the addition of carbon black and certain rubber compounding agents. It is the ideal material for the production of tire treads. Polyurethane load-bearing wheels are characterized by high elasticity, excellent mechanical strength, oil and ozone resistance, and good low temperature performance within the hardness scale.

   Because of the particularity of the environment in which the transportation equipment is used, the metal or hard plastic wheels in the closed environment simply generate loud noises that are difficult to quickly dissipate. It is particularly important to choose better noise reduction components. In addition, due to the high self-weight of the equipment, the load of the general rubber wheels is difficult to meet the requirements of the equipment, and it is more critical to select the suitable wafer load. Then, the installation and commissioning of storage devices in storage is more messy. The quality of the wheel is directly related to the frequency of replacement. The longer the service life of the wheel, the lower the replacement cost. Selection of long-life wheel wear is also an important consideration.

   The above is a brief introduction to you about the advantages of polyurethane load-bearing wheels on Luoyi vehicles. Hope to help you.

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